About Adventure Psychology

Adventure Psychology is to go Knowingly into the Unknown

Adventure Psychology is not just for adventurers – its to help us ALL navigate life’s journey. To survive, cope and thrive in challenging times. To learn survival and coping skills and strengths. To lean into fear and adversity with courage. To accept and adapt in disruptive and dynamic contexts. To deal with risk intelligently, cope with uncertainty and be comfortable with discomfort.  

Adventure Psychology builds enduring and resilient performance. It facilitates strong healthy mindsets covering: risk, courage, fear, coping, surviving, adversity, uncertainty, endurance, leadership, resilience, crisis management, hero’s journey.

Adventure Psychology prepares organisations and individuals to survive, cope and thrive during change, challenge and uncertainty.

Supporting us all to dare greatly and venture forth – to go knowingly into the unknown.

Unique Methodology

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This Journey We Are On

Adventure Psychology : helps us navigate our journeys

“If everything was clear to you now, everything was already mapped out, there would be no evolution of yourself as a human being.”  Eckhart Tolle.